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Justin Whitaker and I are on Ted Meissner's Secular Buddhist podcast

We're talking about our paper out in Philosophy East and West a few months ago: "Reading the Buddha as a Philosopher".

Listen to it by clicking on THIS LINK!


The Buddha on Politics and Society



Comparing Early Greek and Buddhist Thought



Video: What is Secular Buddhism

This is an experiment, but I thought I'd put it out there. Hope you enjoy!





A few weeks back Ted Meissner (a/k/a The Secular Buddhist) interviewed me for his podcast, topic being my recent paper at the JOCBS. It's up now at the website:

Episode 245: Was the Buddha an Anti-Realist?


Blog posts

I haven't been up to very much over here recently; any who are wondering will find my most recent blog posts over at The Secular Buddhist.


SBA Blog Post

A distant hurrah for my first blog post over at the Secular Buddhist Association's website: Cankī on Preserving Truth. I'll aim to shunt Buddhism-related posts over to the SBA and keep all the other tchotchkes around here.


Secular Buddhism

Thanks to Steven Batchelor's work most of all, space is opening up around the notion of a neo-Buddhist philosophy and practice that rejects the supernatural elements of the traditional religion: principally, reincarnation and karma.

Batchelor's Confession of a Buddhist Atheist is a good place to start with his work, as I think it's some of his most lucid writing. Note that it is a memoir, not a treatise on philosophy. Though it has philosophical aspects, basically it's the story of Batchelor's travels through various forms of Buddhist practice in India, Korea and Europe.

A number of Secular Buddhist organizations have sprung up around Batchelor's ideas, principally the Secular Buddhist Association, the website of which includes a number of interesting links.

After chatting with Ted Meissner from the SBA, it became clear that we were on the same wavelength about notions of science and skepticism informing -- and at times trumping -- notions of Buddhism and Buddhist practice. He suggested doing a podcast together with two denizens of our skeptical, secularist Forum who have similar interests.

The podcast is out now, and can be accessed and downloaded HERE.


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